The 29 Rules of Bishnoi : Guru Shri Jambhoji, Sabadvaani

The 29 Rules of Bishnoi :  Guru Shri Jambhoji And Sabadvaani
The 29 Rules of Bishnoi :  Guru Shri Jambhoji And Sabadvaani

1. Maintain segregation of the mother and the newly born infant for 30 days after the child delivery. This helps to prevent infection of the mother and the baby, as during this period they are highly susceptible to infection. This also provides rest to the mother after the delivery and gives valuable time to the mother and child to bond together.

2. Keep women away from all activities for five days during their monthly periods. Again this provided compulsory rest to women during this time as they always worked in the kitchen, tending cattle and even in the fields. 

3. One must bathe every morning.

4. Practice to stay always cool headed.

5. Always practice contentment (do not excessively chase material things).

6. One must maintain internal and external cleanliness.

7. Pray to holy Lord Vishnu three times a day.

8. Do aarti i.e. sing the glory of the Lord every evening.

9. Offer oblation to the holy fire every morning i.e. perform havan every morning.

10. Always use water, milk and fuel after due scrutiny so that no insects are carried with them. (In order to appreciate this principle one must go back in history and examine conditions in villages at that time). This again emphasizes that do not kill any living being even by accident.

11. Always think before speaking. Always have polite speech.

12. Always be forgiving and compassionate in nature.

13. Never steal anything

14. Never indulge in unnecessary and excessive criticism of others or opprobrium.

15. Never tell lies or live with falsehood.

16. Never argue for arguing sake.

17. Fast on every new moon day (i.e. Amavasya)

18. Recite and do japa of the holy name of Vishnu. The word Vishnu is used by Jambhoji to represent Brahm who is formless and shapeless, with no beginning or end. Brahm is the essence of the universe. Meditate on Lord Vishnu.

19. Be kind and compassionate to all living beings. Do not hunt or kill animals.

20. Never cut or fell green trees.

21. Practice sexual morality and exercise control over lust and anger.

22. Always cook with your own hands the food meant for your personal consumption.

23. Always keep the old and hapless goats or other male animals in well proven shelters so as to avoid their butcheries.

24. Do not castrate bulls.

25. Never consume opium

26. Never consume tobacco or any substance that is addictive.

27. Never consume or get addicted to bhang (cannabis).

28. Never eat meat of any kind. Never consume alcoholic liquor.

29. Do not wear blue clothes. Blue colour was derived from indigo; Jambhoji probably did not want to encourage cultivation of indigo. Also any dark colour cloth is not
suitable for hot sunny weather in the desert area.

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